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Embodied Black Girl creates trauma-informed, grief-informed and  justice-informed transformational spaces that support Embodied Healing and Decolonial Leadership for all. We center the thriving and liberation of BIPOC specifically Black women and femmes and women of color.

We believe that we all have a right to be well and we strive to close the gap that exists in wellness and mental health for our community. We also believe that we are all leaders and we seek to initiate the next generation of BIPOC leaders and practitioners.

Our work lies at the intersection of spirit, somatics and social justice. We know that our bodies are the landscapes where we can birth a new world rooted in love. We also recognize that our bodies act the filter in which we relate to ourselves, one another and the earth. Healing, leadership and building the world where we all belong begins in our bodies.


These are some of guiding principles and praxis that our work is rooted in. This isn’t meant to be stagnant so its evolves as we evolve. We hope this inspires you to practice along with us.

  • Embodiment is emancipation.
  • Community is the medicine.
  • We are nature and nature is our co-conspirator for healing and liberation.
  • Rest is life.
  • The revolution is embodied and decolonial.
  • We are the living prayers of our ancestors.
  • Reclamation is resistance.
  • Our bodies are innately brilliant and resilient.
  • Grief, anger and shame are teachers and wisdom keepers.
  • We are rooted and guided by Spirit, our ancestors and our elders.
  • Black joy is a mycelium network.
  • Belonging is a birthright.
  • We are all innately worthy and whole.
  • Every living being is important in our evolution and we all deserve to live in dignity.




I’m Thérèse Cator and I’m deeply honored that you’re here!

I’m the Founder of Embodied Black Girl. I’m also a mother, an Embodiment Practitioner and Teacher and a Decolonial Leadership Coach.

My work exists in the world to help you untether from somatized intergenerational trauma and colonial violence to unearth your deepest expression of embodied leadership. Our work together about decolonization, reclamation and mobilization to weave the new world.

I’ve been holding transformational spaces that orient us towards liberatory, regenerative future and just futures for over 13 years. My work melds together my training and lived experiences in coaching, somatics, storytelling, leadership, transgenerational trauma healing, energy work, attachment, community building, being raised by a community of activists and medicine people and as Black woman and mother.

I hope we get to co-create something beautiful together.

Thérèse’s Website

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Today, I'm ecstatic to share that I'm hosting Get Free, a free masterclass and you're invited!

And truthfully, I don't think it could come at a better time.

Many of us are preparing ourselves to interface with the people and patterns that have disrupted our joy this season. I've spoken to many folks who've expressed anxiety and fear about getting sucked back into toxic dynamics.

Get Free is a masterclass where we explore how to really heal deep and break free from intergenerational trauma to create the life that you truly deserve.

And when I say the life you deserve I mean it in a way that's in deep integrity and also holds the collective.

If this sounds right on time, then join us! This 90 minute masterclass is happening on Tuesday, December 6th at 12:30pm Eastern (NYC)!

Sign up for free at: www.embodiedblackgirl.com/masterclass​

Link in bio @embodiedblackgirl #embodiedblackgirl 💜

We’re living in trying times. And during these times we can forget that life is a gift. It can be easy to get wrapped up in the never ending dramas (personal and collective) that seek to steal our peace and joy.

Personally, this season I’m turning my attention towards nourishment. In this time of contemplation and reclaiming my attention I’ve been taking a pause behind the scenes as I get ready to lead a retreat in Tulum, Mexico next month. 🌊🍍🌺

This retreat has been filled with such ease and I’ve trusted that the folks who were supposed to be there would gather. And I’m truly blown away by the beautiful Black women who’ve said yes. Tonight we had a pre-retreat gathering and my heart is full. I can’t wait to share space, break bread, adventure and bask under the stars. ✨✨✨

If this is your season of nourishment and you want to fill your cup to overflowing then I invite you to join us. We have 2 spots left and if you know in your soul it’s meant for you send me a dm and we’ll set up a time to chat to answer any questions you have.

It’s going to be dope AF magic and deep medicine. #fillyourcup #embodiedblackgirl #retreat #tulum

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Music the one and only @gyallikeclee 💖

CONGRATULATIONS TO @lizzobeeating @rashidakhanbeymiller and the entire team! This is a moment!!!
Representation not only matters it’s medicine.

We’re beyond grateful and honored to have had Rashida as one of our honored guests for Global Healing Festival. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Congratulations Lizzo and Rashida y’all deserve all the 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻#emmyawards #emmys #embodiedblackgirl #lizzo #lizzosbiggrrrls #rashidakhanbeymiller

During #GlobalHealingFestival my dear friend @dsmithsomatics who is one of the most brilliant people I know taught the workshop From Trauma Towards Healing: Your Body As Technology. Danielle contextualized the Polyvagal Theory through a social justice lens which was 🔥🔥🔥!!!

Danielle is amazing at synthesizing complex information and making it understandable and accessible along with leading practices that brings us home to ourselves and one another.

If you’ve heard about the importance of our nervous system in healing trauma but wondered about the specifics well this is for you!

If you’d like access to this amazing workshop by Danielle along with more than a dozen others the Global Healing Festival is available for pre-order! Behind the scenes we’re in post-production and will have the entire collection ready soon but you can order it! Use the code “PRESALE” for a sweet discount!

This is a collection created for Black women/femmes/non-binary and melanated folks across the diaspora and is unique and first of its kind!

Experience this deep medicine again or for the first time!

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Rooted In Our Sacred Rage a session led by the brilliant Dr. Jennifer Mullan @decolonizingtherapy at @embodiedblackgirl #GlobalHealingFestival was pure 🔥🔥🔥

Dr. Mullan challenged us to reimagine our relationship with rage as sacred and shared tangible pathways to reclaim this necessary emotion.

At the end she led us through a powerful healing practice to release stuck emotions through EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

If you’d like access to this powerful workshop by Dr. Mullan along with more than a dozen others the Global Healing Festival is available! And when you order it through TODAY (Sunday) you’ll receive the entire collection at over 50% off!

This is a collection created for Black women/femmes/non-binary and melanated folks across the diaspora and is unique and first of its kind!

Experience this deep medicine again or for the first time!

🔗 in bio @embodiedblackgirl www.embodiedblackgirl.com #embodiedblackgirl

We love when #womensupportwomen and especially when Black women support Black women!

Deep gratitude to @blkandgrn for being our first ever #sponsor for this year’s Global Healing Festival! ✨🙌🏾🙏🏾

In case you don’t know, @blkandgrn is the #1 leading marketplace for non-toxic products for your body and home created by Black women brands. 💚💚💚

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