5th Annual

Friday, May 17, 2024


A free online festival that nourishes the healing and liberation of Black women and women and femmes of color



Our theme this year is…

Spiritual Liberation: Reclaiming Our Divinity

Living in global racialized-gendered colonialist-capitalism has us forgetting our divinity.  We’ve been bamboozled into freedom lives outside of us and is connected to doing the most, acquiring more and working ourselves to death.

Yet, something deep within the well of our embodied wisdom knows this can’t be it.

The Global Healing Festival is an invitation to enter the dream space where our bodies are revolutionary portals and oracles for liberation and deep healing.

We’ve brought together today’s modern day visionary wisdom keepers and culture-shapers for a day where we’ll explore how we can cultivate true individual and collective freedom.

Through live experiential offerings, some of the questions we’ll lean into…


  • How do we untether our hearts, minds and bodies from from colonial culture?
  • How can we move beyond the cognitive to an embodied knowing of the divine?
  • How can we foster deeper embodiment while having difficult and necessary conversations within our family and communities?
  • What dreams are we here to nurture and birth that will support personal and communal thriving?



Who’s invited?

Our work centers Black women and femmes and extends to women and femmes of color so, if you hold any of those identities please do join us!

Everyone is welcome to support our work so we can make somatics and wellness more accessible to our community. When you do you’ll also receive the festival recordings in gratitude. Thank you for your support!

Come, commune and celebrate with us. Let’s awaken to divine power and possibility.

FRIDAY, MAY 17, 2024


Our Honored Guests

Briefly Perfectly Human with Alua Arthur


As the most visible death doula working in America today, Alua Arthur is a New York Times Bestselling author, a seeker, a “recovering” attorney, and the founder of Going with Grace, a death doula training and end-of-life planning organization.  She has spent thousands of hours with folks as they contemplate their mortality when regrets, secret joys, hidden affairs, and dim realities are finally revealed aloud.

Her TED Talk titled, “Why thinking about death helps you live a better life” went online in July 2023, and has already received 1.5 million views. A frequent guest on TV and radio, Alua has been featured on CBS’s The Doctors and in Disney’s “Limitless” docu-series with Chris Hemsworth, as well as in national print media outlets, such as Vogue, InStyle, the Los Angeles Times, The Cut, The New Yorker, and the New York Times.

Alua’s journey to death work started when her family fled a murderous coup d’etat in Ghana in the ‘80s – a time of chaos and fear that dramatically impacted her life and influenced her restless, peripatetic spirit.  Every aspect of Alua’s fascinating life comes together in Briefly Perfectly Human: Making an Authentic Life By Getting Real About The End, her raw, no holds barred, honest, and frequently hilarious New York Times Bestselling Memoir poetically crafted to share her powerful message with people all around the world. Her story is a deeply soul-transformative story that encourages us to think about the often-taboo subject of our own mortality – and how embracing this reality can help us lead better, more fulfilling lives.

Cole Arthur Riley, Black Liturgies


Cole Arthur Riley is a writer and poet. She is the author of the NYT bestsellers, This Here Flesh: Spirituality, Liberation, and the Stories that Make Us and Black Liturgies: Prayers, Poems, and Meditations for Staying Human. Her writing has been featured in The Atlantic, Guernica, and The Washington Post. Cole is also the creator and writer of Black Liturgies, a project that integrates spiritual practice with Black emotion, Black literature, and the Black body.

Foluke Taylor, writer*therapist


Foluke is writer*therapist—practices that are brought together around an asterisk* to signal the Black feminist modes of becoming through which they connect. She teaches at the Metanoia Institute in London. Her research focuses on the therapeutic possibilities of writing as a creative social practice in Black feminist contexts. Foluke spent a decade living in The Gambia (doing some adult growing up) before returning to live in London where she was born. She is author of How the Hiding Seek (2018) and Unruly Therapeutic: Black Feminist Writings and Practices in Living Room published in 2023 by W.W. Norton in New York and London.

Kimberley Small, LCSW, Healing Insight Therapy


Kimberley Small is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Holistic Mental Health Therapist, Guest radio host, Educator, and Public Speaker. She is the founder and Clinical Director of Healing Insight Therapy and Wellness Collective, a group practice based in Florida. With a Bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience and Behavior from Columbia University and a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work from Florida Atlantic University she specializes in using brain-based, body-based, and holistic approaches to trauma healing to support those who identify as wounded healers, helping professionals, BI&POC as well as First and Second Generation Americans.

As daughter to Jamaican parents, and a mother herself, she is deeply passionate about the need for culturally-relevant, intergenerational, and community healing practices. As such, outside of the therapy room, she regularly offers holistic wellness offerings and programming with the global Caribbean community in mind.

Ultimately, Kim believes we all deserve to discover and unlock the power of our unique stories: To learn them, to tell them, to have them witnessed, and to write our next chapters on our own terms.

Nova Reid, TED speaker, author and producer


Nova Reid is a thought leader, TED speaker, author and producer .

Often described as a force to be reckoned with, Nova uses her professional background in mental wellbeing to encourage meaningful change from the inside out.  Through her impactful advocacy and powerful public speaking, writing and storytelling, she has become renowned as an agent of change, selected as one of Black Magic Network’s Top 100 Black British Women and receiving a Precious Award for Social Impact.

Nova is a regular contributor to BBC News and Sky News, and has written for publications including the Guardian, Vogue, Elle, and Stylist. In 2018, she was invited to attend the Royal Wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to provide expert media commentary.

She has provided bespoke consultancy and worked with a variety of organisations including Google, BT, Bloody Good Period and human rights charity Birthrights.

In 2019, Nova was headhunted by TEDx Frankfurt to deliver a talk on racial microaggressions – Not all superheroes wear capes – which was upgraded as a TED talk in 2020. Through her TED talk, podcast series, Conversations with Nova Reid and as a former professional actress, Nova has established herself as a highly-skilled public speaker and interviewer who creates space for people to talk about a variety of topics, a personal highlight being an in-conversation with acclaimed actor David Harewood at the National Theatre in 2021.

Nova’s sought-after online academy which has consistently been described as life-changing – Becoming Anti-Racist with Nova Reid and her best selling debut book, The Good Ally is out now.

Ozy Aloziem, MSW, Heal Inc


Ozy Aloziem, MSW: Ozioma (Ozy) Aloziem is the Founder and Principal Advisor of HEAL INC LLC. She is a TEDx speaker and an award-winning Igbo social worker deeply committed to collective liberation, racial justice, and healing. Ozy was the Denver Public Library’s first Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Manager. During that time, she was named a 2021 Library Journal “Movers & Shakers” award winner for her racial equity research and advocacy. Currently, Ozy is a social work scholar and professor deeply committed to practicing embodiment and prioritizing anti-oppressive practice in her teaching, scholarship, and activism. She prioritizes and creates space for learning, healing, and joy. Presently, her research and teaching are centered around power, privilege & oppression, healing-centered practice, embodied leadership, social policy & social justice, trauma-informed practice, radical healing, and radical imagination.

Womb Healing with Racha Tahani Lawler Queen


Racha Tahani Lawler Queen is a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM), Licensed Midwife (LM), Registered & Certified Sangoma (South African Traditional Healer Herbalist), fourth generation midwife, farmer, and textile artist. A practicing traditional midwife of 20+ years, supporting families in hospitals, birth centers, and in homebirth. Lawler Queen has supported over 1,600 families in their out-of-hospital birthing, and for over a decade prioritized Black & Brown midwifery students as a clinical preceptor and academic preceptor. On August 1st 2023, she opened Gather Grounded Midwifery’s – Birth Cottage in Central Virginia.  A reimagined birth cottage (center), modeled after how her great great-grandmother’s midwifery cared for Black & Indigenous families in Elmo and Forney, Texas. She is supporting three local Black learning midwives in their traditional midwifery education. The Traditional Midwifery Freedom Pathway- a culturally & fiscally supported apprenticeship in partnership with nonprofit Black Farm Studio House and two local Black midwives.

Embodiment Practice with Natalee Facey


Natalee Facey is a Resilience Coach, Birth Doula, and Embodiment Healing Practitioner. She works as a guide for women and femmes who are navigating loss related to pregnancy, relationships, and their bodies.

Natalee believes that loss can be an initiation into becoming a more powerful and authentic version of ourselves. She is with her clients through that initiation—supporting them in releasing grief, shame, guilt and other heavy emotions; reconnecting to their sense of wholeness; and moving into their personal rebirth.

Natalee is also the host of The Preparing for Pregnancy After Loss Podcast, which provides education and tools for thriving in life and pregnancy after loss or an infertility diagnosis. She’s been recognized by the Borough of Brooklyn for her work providing support to families who’ve experienced pregnancy and infant loss.

Natalee is originally from the island of Jamaica, where she credits her deep connection to nature, and her love for music, movement, and laughter as medicine.


Reclaim Your Divinity with Thérèse Cator


Thérèse Cator is the founder of Embodied Black Girl, a global community that centers the healing and liberation of Black women and femmes. She’s also a mother, a leadership mentor, a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, an anti-oppression facilitator, an artist and a healer from a deep lineage of medicine people and revolutionaries. Over the past 16 years, Thérèse has worked with people from all backgrounds and her work has been featured on multiple occasions in Forbes and Mashable. She’s also been featured in Essence, Travel Noire, Jezebel, Authority Magazine, Mind Body Green, Motherly, Yahoo News, and others. Thérèse’s work weaves together spirituality, somatics and social change and exists in the world to provide deep counsel and guidance to cultural shapers to heal intergenerationally, unearth their deepest expression of embodied leadership and birth revolutionary work and worlds.

Join us for a full day of magic and medicine!

About Embodied Black Girl


Embodied Black Girl stands for the embodied liberation and healing of Black women globally. We’re devoted to creating spaces for our sisters and siblings of color across the diaspora where they’re seen, empowered and deeply held.

While many of our bodies and those of our ancestors have been sites for harm and violence, we also hold the knowledge that our bodies have the power to transform intergenerational trauma into intergenerational medicine. Our deepest intention is to provide mental, emotional and spiritual wellness that supports our individual collective healing and thriving while championing social change.

We believe healing is personal and political; spiritual and corporeal. Our offerings weave together a mosaic of modalities all somatically rooted, trauma informed and grounded in a decolonial lens. We’re here for radical healing to weave the new world from the inside out because the revolution is embodied.



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