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We are living in revolutionary times.

Times that have challenged us to rise up in the name of liberation.
Times that have urged us to reclaim our magic and medicine.
Times that have called us to further divest from the systems that harm us.
Times that have reminded us that we are indeed our ancestors’ wildest dreams.

At this collective threshold, community matters more than ever.

We need one another.

To honor our grief.
To honor our joy.
To release our burdens.
And to vision decolonial possibilities.

Because we know in our bones…

Times like these are potent portals that can shape a new world. Global Healing Festival was created as a portal for Black women and femmes and folks of color to alchemize pain into power and possibility. A portal where our visions pollinate a new planet.

Together, some of the questions we’ll lean into:

  • What does it mean to heal intergenerationally?
  • What does it mean to move beyond surviving into thriving?
  • What does it mean to reclaim our animal bodies and connection to nature?
  • What does it mean to center ourselves unapologetically?
  • What does it mean to create new narratives beyond the colonial mind?

We’ve brought together today’s modern day wisdom keepers, respected elders, change-weavers, activists, organizers, visionary artists, leaders and culture-shapers of the Global Majority to explore these questions.

Through live experiential offerings you’ll explore the themes of intergenerational healing, trauma, somatics, spirituality, leadership, embodiment and social change while weaving arts, movement, storytelling, pleasure and more.

And for the first time ever, due to popular demand the festival collection is available for purchase at sliding scale!

You’ll receive over 30 hours of incredible immersive experiences at your fingertips.

Choose from the recommended tiers or name your own price within or above that range. No matter which tier you choose you’ll receive the same thing!

And when you purchase during the pre-sale period you’ll also receive $100+ off whatever tier you choose!

Your support will go towards the labor it took to create the festival, compensating our honored guests and creating programming to make healing and wellness resources accessible to communities of color.



When you purchase the festival collection you’ll receive over 30+ hours of immersive with our honored guests — wisdom keepers, respected elders, change-weavers, activists, organizers, visionary artists, leaders and healers engaged in culture-changing work. Here’s what you’ll receive when you purchase the festival collection.


Rooted In Our Sacred Rage with Dr. Jennifer Mullan

Goodbye Imposter Syndrome. Hello Good Ancestor. with Layla Saad

Black Women Talk Money: Metabolizing Trauma and Manifesting Power with Rebecca Walker

A Return To Pleasure with Rashida KhanBey Miller

#Hooplife: My Pandemic Portal of Wellness, Community and Creativity with Felicia Holman

Foraging for Food, Medicine and a Reconnection to Nature with Lady Danni

Paminbori: Going Beyond Healing with Bayo Akomolafe, Ph.D.

Embodiment and Self Esteem for Young Black Women with Efu Nyaki

Navigating Racial Harm In The Workplace with Dr. Janice Gassam

Learning your Algorithm with Sabia Wade

Finding the Goodness In Grief with Natalee Facey

Dancing Through Our Joy with Kim Saira

Creative Somatic Alchemy: Transforming Energy in the Body into Artistic Gold with Chetna Mehta

Aluna: How to Become More Adaptable through Moon Wisdom with Juliana Luna

Internalized Oppression & Why It Is Detrimental to Black Communities with Olivia Alaso Patience

Radiant Rest (Yoga Nidra) with Tracee Stanley

Cacao Ceremony with Florencia Fridman

Your Voice Matters with Cynthia James

From Trauma Towards Healing: Your Body As Technology with Danielle Smith

Breathwork and Somatics for Intergenerational Healing



Embodied Black Girl stands for the embodied liberation of Black women and femmes globally. We’re devoted to creating safe, sacred and brave space for our sisters and siblings across the diaspora. We know that through our bodies we have the power to transform intergenerational trauma into intergenerational medicine that will support of our mental wellness and our individual and collective thriving and liberation.

We believe healing is personal and political; spiritual and corporeal. Our offerings weave together breathwork, somatic attunement, embodiment and creative practices and coaching for an integrative and transformative experience. Our work trauma is informed, somatically rooted and grounded in a revolutionary and decolonial lens. We’re here for radical healing to weave the new world from the inside out because the revolution is embodied.


A festival
that centers our

Purchase this unique festival for Black women and femmes and melanated folks across the diaspora.  It’s 30+ transformational hours with respected leaders devoted to culture-shaping work.


I’m beaming with joy about our upcoming inaugural DIASPORA DAY !!! It’s happening on our anniversary on Friday, September 22nd! ❤️‍🔥

We’re going to be celebrating the beauty and brilliance of the African Diaspora like nobody’s business! :)

Over the past 4 years of hosting gatherings for our community we’ve been blessed to have some amazing + brilliant humans join us as guests.
But the thing that blows me away about our guests more than their accolades is their kindness.

They keep it real AND they’re also deeply genuinely kind human beings.

We’re excited to welcome and introduce you to them!


⋆L’Oreal Thompson Payton⋆ Award-winning Journalist + Author

⋆Dr. Bayo Akomolafe⋆ International Speaker, Public Intellectual + two-time Author

⋆Fiona Compton⋆ Photographer, filmmaker and historian, Founder of Know Your Caribbean

⋆Riva Nyri Precil⋆ Singer, Songwriter + Author

⋆Natalee Facey⋆ Resilience Coach, Embodiment Healing Guide + ReBirth Doula

I’ll be hosting the gathering as well as leading a healing circle too! It’s going to be such a beautiful day and all of our supporters are welcome to join us!

DIASPORA DAY is happening ONLINE AND it’s FREE to attend LIVE! It’s a full day of celebration and goodness!!!🍓

🌺RSVP FOR FREE link in bio @embodiedblackgirl or visit www.DiasporaDay.com 🌺

p.s. There was a hiccup on the sign-up form which is fixed now 😅 so if you tried signing up and couldn’t please try again! :) We can’t wait to see you there! 💜

#embodiedblackgirl #diasporaday

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Omgeee!!! That was so much fun! Thank you to everyone who showed up today. My heart is really full! 💜💜💜

I’m amazed that it’s been nearly 15 years since forging my path doing my soul’s work in the world.

In these years, I’ve learned a whole lot and this is the first time I’m talking about some of those hard won lessons. Over the years I’ve held space in person and virtually for thousands of folks of all backgrounds and it’s been a gift. Artists, activists, CEOs, movement builders, healers, birth workers + more all medicine people doing work that’s so needed in the world.

I hope some of these lessons and framings are of service to you. I also share about Decolonial Leadership - a council, a circle, a caucus to alchemize your ancestral gifts and galvanize your deepest work.

I’m inviting in women who want to sit together in a wisdom council with those who care deeply, deeply care.

❤️‍🔥This is for those who want to relate to your work as a devotional path of stewardship.

❤️‍🔥This is for those who want to move beyond a culture that centers premature death, destruction and depletion and recognize that you deserve to be sustained by your work.

❤️‍🔥This is for those who want to share your deep medicine as a practice of reverence to your elevated Guides, Ancestors and Spirit.

❤️‍🔥This is for those who want to cultivate a deep relationship with your intuition and trust the medicine that lives in your bones.

❤️‍🔥This is for those who want to lay down the weapons of martyrdom and embrace divine reciprocity.

I truly know that our soul’s work is our contribution to the whole and integral in creating ecosystems and economies of care that center justice, liberation and dignity for all.

You can explore all the details and apply at DecolonialLeadership.com and if you want to connect with me there’s an option to schedule a time in my calendar too (link in bio @embodiedblackgirl).

Thanks for being here. 💜


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✨FRIDAY 9/8 ✨
Whew! We made it to the end of summer! The first day of school was today and we celebrated with delicious vegan carrot cake!!! 🍰 So good!

Today was cake but tomorrow I’m spilling the tea!!! 🍵💅🏾

I’m going to be sharing all about Decolonial Leadership - a council, a circle, a caucus to alchemize your ancestral gifts and galvanize your deepest work.

If you crave support for your work in the world in a way that will blow your heart wide open AND that weaves somatics with the sacred in a way that’s not only magical but practical then you’ll want to join me.

This container is so special and I can’t wait to share it with you. 😊

I’ll be also sharing hard won lessons on honoring my soul’s work for the past 15 years! I’ve held space in person and virtually for thousands of folks of all backgrounds and it’s been a gift. Artists, activists, CEOs, movement builders, healers, birth workers + more all medicine people doing work that’s so needed in the world.

For the first time I’m sharing some of the lessons I’ve learned along the path.

I’ll be going live on the @embodiedblackgirl IG page so join me there! Friday, September 8th at 1pm EST. Click on the reminder button to set a notification.

Looking forward to connecting then!

#embodiedblackgirl #decolonialleadership

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This one, I come back to over and over again.

All that you touch
You Change.
All that you Change
Changes you.
The only lasting truth
is Change.
Is Change.
— Octavia E. Butler

#embodiedblackgirl #octaviabutler

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There were so many magical moments at our last retreat! Too many to name, but here’s a few…
🧘🏿‍♀️Morning yoga and being serenaded with a variety of instruments.
🌊The music of the Caribbean Sea.
☀️Waking up at sunrise and greeting ourselves and one another with love and reverence.
🥑🍉🥭The food, ohhh the food. Incredible!!!
💦Skinny dipping in the ocean.
🌀Deep soul shares.
🤣Laughing so hard our sides hurt.
❤️And the best part — sisterhood, being seen without pretense, just love.
So grateful for this time. These women. Our community. 🙏🏾💖
Our next retreat is in November and we have 1 spot left! If you’re feeling called to be there dm me and let’s chat. #embodiedblackgirl

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The brilliant Dr. Jennifer Mullan @decolonizingtherapy sharing about energetic boundaries. This is from an amazing session at our Global Healing Festival last month!

With the news this week of men policing women’s bodies and weaponzing therapeutic concepts 🙄 let’s do a refresher on what boundaries are and are not. 🤗

#embodiedblackgirl #decolonizingtherapy #globalhealingfestival

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Blessings are pouring in on this Juneteenth 🖤
Tricia Hersey @thenapministry blessed us at our annual Global Healing Festival with deep knowledge. Enjoy this clip on the power of manifestos!

Many folks shared that during the gathering they were ordering Tricia’s book Rest is Resistance. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
If you haven’t gotten your copy yet, please order one and ideally from a local Black owned bookstore!

Also, to support our work and keep Global Healing Festival free please consider donating (sliding scale options available) and as a gift you’ll receive this years festival collection which is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

#embodiedblackgirl #thenapministry #globalhealingfestival

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