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Embodied Black Girl creates trauma-informed, grief-informed and  justice-informed transformational spaces that support Embodied Healing and Decolonial Leadership for all.  We center the thriving and liberation of BIPOC specifically Black women and femmes and women and femmes of color.

We believe that we all have a right to be well and we strive to close the gap that exists in wellness and mental health for our community. We also believe that we are all leaders and we seek to initiate the next generation of BIPOC leaders and practitioners.






We’re journeying to Tulum, Mexico for our retreat. You’ll spend 6 glorious days nestled between the Caribbean Ocean and the rainforest unmapping from interpersonal, cultural and colonial wounds and rooting to your most expansive expression of life and leadership. Rooted visioning. Expansive dreaming. Embodied aliveness. Wild devotion.



Circle of Reclamation is a year-long course and community where we go deep and do the healing work that impacts the way we show up interpersonally and in our leadership. We explore 12 portals of reclamation through deep exploration, play, breathwork, moon rituals and practicing what it means to be in community with one another.

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Brittney Griner has been in my prayers since the news that she was unjustly arrested and charged in Russia.

This Black queer woman is being used as a political pawn. Absolutely ridiculous and heartbreaking. #freebrittneygriner #protectblackwomen

🎥 @bet

I'm bursting with joy and crying happy tears to finally share this amazing announcement:

Global Healing Festival by @embodiedblackgirl is hosting a free online festival for melanated folks across the diaspora from August 17th - August 20th!

It's 4 days of magic and medicine with some of the most brilliant culture-shapers of our time! Yaaaaaaaaasss!

Here's a peek of some of the beautiful beings who are joining us. (tap the image)


Right now, we are living in revolutionary times.

✨Times that have challenged us to rise up in the name of liberation.
✨Times that have urged us to reclaim our magic and medicine.
✨Times that have called us to further divest from the systems that harm us.
✨Times that have reminded us that we are indeed our ancestors’ wildest dreams.

At this collective threshold, community matters more than ever.

Global Healing Festival was created as a portal for Black women and femmes and folks of color to alchemize pain into power and possibility.

A portal where our visions pollinate a new planet.

Join us for 4 days of live experiential workshops and offerings weaving the arts, movement, storytelling, pleasure, social change and more.


Sign up for free at: EmbodiedBlackGirl.com/ghf Link in bio @embodiedblackgirl

Visual descriptions included in image.

#embodiedblackgirl #melanatedfestival #globalhealingfestival

Two years ago, I wrote a prayer, an affirmation, a devotional in honor of Juneteenth centering the liberation of Black folks. May this serve as a remembrance of who we truly are —our ancestors’ wildest dream realized. 🖤

Today, I break all contracts with the situations, systems and structures that impede the highest expression of who I am.
I am sourced from the divine.
I am covered in grace.
Today, I root to my radiance.
Today, I remember my boundless spirit.
Today, I rise as freedom’s song crescendos in my soul.
I am love actualized.
I am liberation realized.
I am my ancestor’s wildest dreams materialized.
Today, I am free.
I am free.
I am free.
#juneteenth #juneteenthcelebration

In 2020, when I learned that Ahmaud Arbery was born on Mother's Day and what would have been his 26th birthday also landed on Mother's Day I wrote this prayer. It broke me to realize that instead of celebrating this special day with his family Ahmaud was brutally murdered in a act of senseless racism.

I also recognize that later on this month will mark the two year anniversary of the murder of George Floyd who's last words were calling for his deceased mother. I've also added his mother's name and that of Ma'Khia Bryant to the prayer.

This Mother's Day please join me in praying for Black mothers, the ones who are named here and the ones who's names we'll never know.

I pray for the day where the humanity of Black mothers and our children are cherished.


We pray for Wanda Jones, Ahmaud Arbery’s mother.
We pray for Allison Jean, Botham Jean’s mother.
We pray for Charmaine Edwards, Jordan Edwards’ mother.
We pray for Dominika Stanley, Aiyana Stanley Jones’ mother.
We pray for Geneva Reed-Veal, Sandra Bland’s mother.
We pray for Georgia Ferrell, Jonathan Ferrell’s mother.
We pray for Gwen Carr, Eric Garner’s mother.
We pray for Lesley McSpadden, Mike Brown’s mother.
We pray for Lucy McBath, Jordan Davis’ mother.
We pray for Maria Hamilton, Dontre Hamilton’s mother.
We pray for Kadiatou Diallo, Amadou Diallo’s mother.
We pray for Monica McBride, Renisha McBride’s mother.
We pray for Samaria Rice, Tamir Rice’s mother.
We pray for Se'Quette Clark, Stephon Clark’s mother.
We pray for Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon Martin’s mother.
We pray for Valerie Bell, Sean Bell’s mother.
We pray for Valerie Castile, Philando Castile’s mother.
We pray Yolanda Carr, Atatiana Jefferson’s mother.
We pray for Larcenia Floyd, George Floyd’s mother.
We pray Paula Bryant, Ma’Khia Bryant’s mother.

We pray for all the Black mothers who have lost children to hatred.
We pray for Black mothers who’s hearts are weary, who are tired, who are afraid, who are grieving and who need comfort now. (Continued in the comments)⬇️

We live in an age of disconnection and disassociation. Through violence, dominant colonial culture has severed our connection to ourselves, one another and to our earth. And yet, this connection is essential to all of life.

CEREMONY is where we cultivate a culture of devotion. We surrender to the sacred and remember who we are. We’ll meet during seasonal portals to honor and mark our individual and collective thresholds.

Our upcoming CEREMONY happens in honor of the Spring Equinox, a time for rebirth like the phoenix rising out of the ashes. A time to plant the seeds that you'll nurture pray to harvest.

During Ceremony we’ll use tools such as breath, guided journeys, journaling, somatics, ritual to come home to our essential selves. Every Ceremony experience is unique and what arises is guided by Spirit and the medicine for sacred moment.

This is a space to explore the landscape of your soul, to release stuck energy and access your wholeness and radiance.

​CEREMONY is for self-identified BIPOC women and femmes.

When: March 21, 2022

Time: 8pm-10pm EDT

When you sign-up your ticket is good for you + those you invite to join you at your physical location (your home/office/community center/park). That means you can invite one friend or many more to join you in-person, it's totally up to you! I know, it's pretty amazing! I can't wait to be together for our global ceremony!

Link to join @embodiedblackgirl www.embodiedblackgirl.com/offerings 🌺🌱🌺

Now more than ever, as Black, Indigenous, Women and Femmes of Color we need to be held in a constellation of care. We need deep nourishment. We need to heal in ways that honor our lived experiences.

I've been dreaming of creating a space where we can spiral deeper surrounded by immense beauty while being deeply supported.

Today, I'm over the moon to invite you to our intimate retreat taking place this fall in breathtakingly beautiful Tulum, Mexico.

✨This retreat is an invitation to decolonize your healing.
✨This retreat is an invitation to deepen your leadership.
✨This retreat is an invitation to embody your infinite worth and surrender to your blessings.
This is about...
🌱Rooted visioning.
🌍Expansive dreaming.
🐆Embodied aliveness.
🌺Wild devotion.
And you're invited! It’s happening
October 14th - October 19th

You'll spend 6 glorious days nestled between the Caribbean Ocean and the rainforest unmapping from interpersonal, cultural and colonial wounds and rooting to your most expansive expression of life and leadership.

Your registration includes eco-chic accommodations, delicious farm-to-table meals, daily movement/yoga class, amazing adventures, alchemizing workshops and masterminding, and unforgettable memories! There will also be time for rest and integration including a post-retreat integration call. We'll be doing all of this with deep reverence and devotion to the people and the land. All you have to do is get there, we'll take care of the rest. :)

Thru March 31st you'll also receive $500 off when you enter the code "EBGCIRCLE" on the registration form.

It's going to be a magical and radical self-healing adventure in paradise.
Will you join us?

p.s. we would also like to make this experience accessible to our community. So if you’re able to donate to broaden access please do. Link to support in bio. Please note “retreat” on your contribution.

#linkinbio @embodiedblackgirl www.embodiedblackgirl.com #tulum #embodiedblackgirl

Women’s history is world history! All the stars aligned and today the brand new @embodiedblackgirl website is live! Grab a cup of tea and check it out and be sure to join our global village! When you do you’ll also receive a beautiful practice. Happy International Women’s Day! #linkinbio @embodiedblackgirl www.embodiedblackgirl.com #internationalwomensday #embodiedblackgirl ...

Today is a portal! It also marks the two year anniversary of our very first annual Global Healing Day! 🎉 This gathering has reached thousands of people in our community and I’m so grateful and honored that this work can be of service! 🙏🏾🖤 We have some amazing things in store so stay tuned. 😘🦋I pray today’s portal opens greater healing and joy for you and your beloveds. #happyanniversary #22222 ...

It was a vibe during Breathwork and Somatics to Heal Your Heart today! Thank you to all the beloveds who came thru. 💜 It was so beautiful. Here’s a dose of the medicine. ...

During today’s Reclaiming Black Joy gathering this gem arose…
Black joy is a mycelium network. 🖤🖤🖤 We each have the ancestral technology within us to tap into it because we are it. 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾#happyblackhistorymonth #happyblackfuturemonth #embodiedblackgirl #theresecator

🦋⚡️Repost from @theresecator

In early January, I led Decolonial Visioning, a workshop to dream into and map out 2022 and it was so beautiful. What emerged from that community space brought so much clarity for many (thank you for the love notes 💖) and it also further crystalized the work I'm meant to bring forth this year.

For the past 4+ years, I've gone deep in my studies around trauma, attachment and the nervous system through a number mentorships and trainings. All of this has deeply informed the work I facilitate and my own healing.

So when I was invited to take part of the first BIPOC cohort of Somatic Experiencing @somaticexperiencingint led by a Black woman elder, it was an immediate heck yes for me!

Sharing space with other BIPOC practitioners from nearly every continent who are also dedicated to bringing healing and bridging the gap of mental health and wellness access in their communities globally has given me so much hope and lit a fire! 🔥🔥🔥

Being among them has been a reclamation of the intelligence and wisdom of our ancestors. Although much was severed and lost due to colonialism, racialized and gendered capitalism and imperialism the medicine lives in our cells and now we get to bring it home.

I know our ancestors conspired for this moment! I’m honored and humbled.

I've already been seeding powerful trauma resolution and resilience work in the spaces I hold and it's been transformative to witness.

All I can say is the goodness is already here. ✨✨✨

This month, I'm hosting two live gatherings in honor of Black History Month to weave deeper healing within the Black community and embodied racial justice into the world. Breathwork and Somatics to Heal Your Heart (open to Black folks) and Breathwork and Somatics for Racial Justice (open to all). I’m honored to continue the work of those who’ve come before me and I’m so excited to gather. 💜

To join us link in bio @theresecator or @embodiedblackgirl #embodiedblackgirl #theresecator

We’re hosting 2 beautiful live gatherings in February in honor of Black History Month! 🙌🏾 Check out the previous post to view our other gathering or visit www.embodiedblackgirl.com ✨

Over the past few years more and more folks have been asking themselves: How do we create a more just and equitable world?

After leading conversations around this topic for now thousands of folks of all backgrounds I can share the work begins in our bodies and it also can’t happen in silos.

Breathwork and Somatics for Racial Justice will explore this how to deepen the work of racial justice through our bodies and through our actions. The gathering will center the lived experiences of BIPOC and will be an opportunity for those in attendance to do the work to expand their resilience so they can show up in more meaningful ways in the spaces they occupy.

You'll be invited to trust in the medicine of your breath and body to unmap from the ways you've supported and have shaped by systems of domination.

This gathering is open to all. ✨

To join us link in bio @embodiedblackgirl #embodiedblackgirl #blackhistorymonth

Happy Black History Month!!! 🖤

In honor of Black history there will be two gatherings this month! (The next one will be posted soon or can be found on embodiedblackgirl.com)

The last time I led this gathering it was at a beautiful space in Brooklyn with about 40 folks in attendance. It was a magical evening and I'm thrilled to be offering it virtually for the first time and weaving in somatic practices in service of deeply healing your heart.

Living in a culture that discards racialized folks our hearts can carry an unimaginable amounts of grief both conscious and unconscious. That along with all the heartbreaks we experience we can feel the loss of belonging, of home, of family and so much more.

And yet our hearts are abloom with wisdom and healing.

Oftentimes, to access the wisdom within our hearts we must be able to be with and tend to our grief. As we do, it creates an opening to more possibility.

Breathwork and Somatics to Heal Your Heart is an invitation to be with the wisdom of your heart and trust in the medicine of your breath and body to hold the parts of you that are longing for your care.

This gathering is for self-identified Black folks: women and femmes, gender non-conforming and non-binary people.

Sunday, February 20th | 3pm est

Link to join in bio @embodiedblackgirl 🖤 #embodiedblackgirl