What would be possible if you embodied your power?

  • Who would you be?
  • What would you create?
  • How would you lead?
  • What world would you weave?

Ready to Spiral Deeper?


As women and
femmes we’ve
been brainwashed
to believe that
we’re broken
and “real” leaders
don’t look like us.
And on top of that
the world’s

Without realizing it, we fall into the roles we’ve been socialized into…

  • We say yes when we want to say no.
  • We grind when we’re exhausted.
  • We go at it alone when we need support.
  • We compare ourselves to others when we crave community.
  • We hide our brilliance when we want to share our gifts.



  • Looping in states of anxiety, fear, overwhelm, anger, depression and loneliness
  • Numbing our pain in toxic ways
  • Compartmentalizing and or dissociating in our lives
  • Feeling the pressure of perfectionism and people pleasing
  • Battling feelings of unworthiness
  • Afraid to shine and be seen in the fullness of our gifts
  • Afraid of being a fraud so we delay our dreams and undervalue talents
  • Not recognizing our unique gifts and contributions
  • Unable to make room for our needs and desires because of our devotion to others
  • Flip-flopping between confusion and soul crushing self-doubt
  • Lacking boundaries in our relationships and work
  • Overcompensating and overgiving
  • Being overly obsessed with our bodies and looks
  • Chasing external markers of success
  • Shaming, disowning, and judging ourselves (and others)
  • Suppressing our true emotions
  • In dire need of spiritual nourishment
  • Trying to fix aspects of ourselves to fit into the dominant culture
  • Settling for less than we desire in life and love
  • Expressing ourselves and our needs in unhealthy ways
  • Struggling to find our most authentic voice in our lives and work


But this cycle began before we were born.

Historical colonial violence, cultural severance, collective and familial trauma have shaped and fueled our individual and collective dis-embodiment and disconnection. It’s also kept us silent, denying our pleasure and dissociated from our necks down. Instead of embracing our healing and embodying our leadership, we spend our precious energy suppressing our magic and medicine.


Being disconnected from our power has kept us looping in patterns of imposter syndrome, perfectionism, doubt, fear, overwhelm, anxiety, depression and burnout.

So, how do we heal?

Reclamation invites us to heal and unmap our bodies and nervous
systems from the lies of the culture of supremacy and colonialism and
remember who and what we are.

Through reclamation we surrender to dismantling the ways we’ve internalized the the colonialist-patriarchy.
We transform the intergenerational and ancestral trauma that keeps us in limiting
patterns and beliefs. We embody our power and know our innate

And this gives us the courage to transform our lives, lineage and communities.





A healing and leadership course and membership by and for
Black women + femmes and melanated folks weaving
somatics, spirituality and social justice
to nourish us in these times.

I’ve woven together what I’ve learned over more than two decades of personal healing and transformation and 13 years of holding sacred and brave space for thousands of women and femmes of all backgrounds to create a container for deep embodied intergenerational healing and decolonial leadership.

Thérèse’s work has been featured in:

Some kind words from our beloveds...

Circle of Reclamation has been a healing, inspirational, deep experience.

when I first joined COR besides the emotional/phsyical/spiritual impact of the pandemic and the uprising, and my involvement in activism and volunteering, i was and am in a time of intense change in my personal life, including school, the shift of a long-term romantic relationship into a platonic relationship , processing my sexuality, reconnecting with family, and the continuation of long-term intentional spiritual and healing processes.

Being in a container of trust, held by Thérèse, in community with other women committed to healing has been extremely supportive and transformational for me.

My most profound breakthrough was very difficult and very important for me to share about. my struggle to love and accept my own skin and my feelings of racial isolation and rejection and wishing i had a darker complexion like my siblings. it’s something i still experience shame and confusion and pain around, but it was very profound to feel that i was in a safe space to share such a central ‘shadow’ and to be met with only love and compassion.

Thérèse is so intentional, has so much wisdom and compassion and integrity and insight, and creates a container of love and trust where it feels safe to be myself and where I feel that I am offered support in looking within myself, the nudges I need to do work that will be transformational, and guidance in processing what I find. She really creates processes that allow us to connect with each other and ourselves on multiple levels in deeply meaningful ways.

Thérèse also holds space for us all in a way that allowed me to feel I could share freely without feeling that I would burden anyone, and also that allowed me to listen deeply without feeling burdened or overwhelmed by anyone’s sharing or emotion.

I feel so lucky to have connected with Thérèse this way, in this life, and to be able to be in circle held by her. She is also just fun to be around and brings joy without negating the importance of processing the difficult things! I could go on!

Wahida Omar
Organizer, Yoga Teacher + Herbalist

Shame, Courage, Boundaries and Spirituality were my favorite chapters. These chapters allowed me to revisit the past, heal, create new boundaries, tell others how I expected to be treated and how important rest is. I recall feeling sadness, joy, regret and how I would do things different in the future. It has transformed me to allow myself to put myself before anyone else. I am the most important person in my life and I can not pour from a empty cup.

Circle of Reclamation helped me address my challenges by giving me new tools to work with and enhancing the skills I already had. COR has helped me realize that my desires is what I needed to move forward in an authentic way of being. Even if others didn’t like or agree with me.

COR is life-changing and Thérèse is a gem and medicine woman.

Adrienne Lakes

Circle of Reclamation has helped me heal and trust my own self again.

Circle of Reclamation has been the lifeline I needed when I felt (or feel because this is still ongoing), like I am drifting on an ocean of confusion and feel a bit out of control with my emotional life. This circle has been a safe haven, harbor, an anchor for me and provided much needed community and grounding when I have needed it.

My most profound experience has been actually releasing grief during the 13 months. There’s been a profound change and a lightness that has come as a direct consequence of committing to my healing and actually doing the exercises within each month’s theme. I actually could feel myself getting energetically lighter as I let go of certain emotions and allowed myself to face the things I had been running from within myself.

The chapters on shame and worthiness were super powerful as were courage and boundaries. I needed so much help releasing shame around my own personal failures and needed to forgive myself and shed this to reclaim a sense of worthiness and desire to truly live. When we got to radiance I realized I still had work to do before I could be visible to my own self let alone others.

Thérèse and her space holding, leadership and guidance has been transformative.

If you’re thinking about joining Circle of Reclamation I’d say it is absolutely worth it because YOU are worth it.


Circle of Reclamation has been a place for me to be seen and grounded and prioritize me. The Sister Squads allowed me to practice with more support for exploration. This is a community of women working on themselves to extend their impact. If you’re on the fence it’s an indication that there is work to be done. This is the space you need (for you) especially if you’re a space holder for others!

Nicola Brown
Founder Kokoro, Holding spaces for social health + wellbeing

We are the intergenerational curse breakers, the weavers of the new earth, the revolutionary leaders we have been praying for. We are our ancestors wildest dreams realized and healing is our birthright.

Join Our Global Village!

Enrollment is open to Black women, femmes and
gender expansive humans across the African Diaspora and folks of color.

There are three pricing options available. Please choose the appropriate option
based on your financial circumstances.


Choose this option if have limited financial means.

$44/month | $484/year


Choose this option if your basic financial needs are met.

$55/month | $605/year


Choose this option if you don’t worry about your basic financial needs being met.

$65/month | $715/year

More Flexible




More Bonuses




There are no refunds or exchanges.

Here is what you get when you join us...


Circles are sacred. They represent our innate wholeness, equality, sovereignty, community, the infinite and our unbreakable spirit. When we enter a circle it’s an opportunity to deeply connect with our essence, power and truth while being supported.

There are 12 portals of reclamation. You’ll focus on reclaiming the parts of yourself that have been silenced and forgotten, release and heal, honor and find the gifts in your emotions, while taking dedicated time for rest and integration. Although you’re welcome to dive into these themes at your own pace we also honor community rhythm and each month we explore a theme communally.

The themes are:
Body | Shame | Worthiness | Voice | Rage | Courage | Boundaries | Roots | Radiance | Spirituality | Grief | Wholeness


At the start of every month you’ll receive an audio exploration (deep dive) with an accompanying soulsheet for deeper inquiry around that month’s theme. You’ll look conscious and unconscious patterns; we’ll dig deep into your individual intergenerational, familial, ancestral, societal and cultural narratives; individual and collective wounds, trauma, and shadows; all the things that prevent you from truly reclaiming all that you are and showing up in your brilliance. Finally, you’ll anchor it all through action in your life, relationships, work and through sacred service.


One of the practices that’s been integral in my personal healing is breathwork.

Monthly, you’ll receive a Breathwork to explore that month’s theme and heal your emotional body. It’s designed to guide you to somatically release. You’ll bypass the noise in your mind and gain access to your creativity and intuition.


As a lifelong artist and teacher, I know first hand that ritual offers us a direct route to healing and reclamation. Ritual bring us together, it challenge us and it heals. Ritual has always been an important component in helping us see our own humanity and that of others.

Monthly, you’ll receive a ritual that correlates to that month’s theme for deeper embodiment.


We’ll gather virtually monthly for Ask Thérèse our community coaching call. After leading group coaching calls for over a decade I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that these calls are magic. This is where we come together do the work for deeper embodiment. Whether you have a pressing question on your heart or you simply are listening to your sisters share we allow what’s below the surface to emerge.

This container is about reclaiming your brilliance, releasing what no longer serves you and embodying your power.

If you’re unable to make any of the sessions live you’ll have an opportunity to send your questions in advance. All calls are recorded and posted within a few business days of the live calls.


Trauma is a nervous system event and Somatic Experiencing® (SE) is a powerful body-oriented therapeutic model that helps heal trauma and other stress disorders.

At the core the Somatic Experiencing Group Sessions are a reclamation of the intelligence and wisdom of our ancestors and our bodies. Although much was severed and lost due to colonialism, racialized and gendered capitalism and imperialism the medicine lives in our cells and now we get to access it now for ourselves and our communities.


Our Somatic Group Practice is a place to soothe your nervous system, attune to your body and expand your resilience. We offer Embodied Resilience and Self-Massage and Somatics led by Danielle Smith, RMT and Thérèse Cator.


One of the most beloved aspects of Circle of Reclamation are the Sister Squads. Your Sister Squad is a place where you can meet and share your journey with others. While there are guidelines this is self-directed and you’ll meet weekly.


You’ll also receive exclusive access to our Embodied Black Girl Global Village space which for more sharing and communing. This is an additional space to share aspects of your journey and be witnessed and celebrated.

A deeper look inside...


During this welcome chapter you’ll receive

  • Root Deep  Rise High Audio Exploration and accompanying soulsheet
  • Interview about reclaiming land with Tiffany Śwxeloselwet Joseph


  • Explore and unpack the unconscious inter-generational grief you carry
  • Feel safe to grieve and learn how to navigate your own grief and the grief of others with compassion
  • Release the need to fix, change, or make your grief better or more palatable for yourself and others
  • Honor your grief of all that you have lost due to global systems of oppression
  • Create a personal grieving ritual that will cleanse and renew your mind, body and spirit
  • Alchemize grief and reclaim your joy


  • Retrieve the parts of you that you’ve lost due to conditioning, patterns of abuse, coping mechanisms, rejection
  • Examine the familial patterns that have kept you fragmented
  • Break the bonds to brokenness and call yourself back to you
  • Feel whole forgive yourself and others
  • Stand in the entirety of your wholeness, brilliance, and power
  • Reclaim the aspects of yourself that is missing from your life and work


  • Begin to dismantle the constructs that have prevented your full agency and sovereignty of your body
  • Unlearn the familial, cultural and societal narratives that have kept you in patterns of body judgement and abuse
  • Connect with the genius that resides inside your body and interpret the messages it holds for you
  • Express your sensuality and feel at home in your body
  • Reclaim your body, your sensuality, your beauty and weave in wild joy and pleasure in your life and work with fluidity


  • Face and voice your shame so it no longer holds you hostage
  • Embrace the part of yourself that you’ve disconnected and infuse it with what it most needs
  • Untangle from patterns of unworthiness that have caused you to overcompensate and over-give in your work and relationships
  • Come into harmony with your true measure of worth
  • Release the shadow of shame and reclaim your self-worth


  • Deeply explore your wounding around worthiness
  • Learn how to transform feelings of not enoughness
  • Untangle your worthiness from being “a good girl” and external markers of success
  • Expand and feel worthy to receive more love, success, joy and freedom
  • Feel deserving creating a life and work that’s true to you
  • Embrace all that you are and reclaim your infinite worthiness


  • Explore and unpack the ways systemic, societal, cultural and familial silencing have limited your expression
  • Feel safe to speak your truth with confidence
  • Examine your communication style
  • Unlearn the ways you’ve been taught to silence yourself while finding the gifts within sacred silence
  • Tap into your authentic voice and discover what you really have to say and infuse that in your work
  • Reclaim your voice and allow the full expression of your truth to shine.


  • Holistically navigate your rage so that it  moves through you and doesn’t control you
  • Release ancestral and inter-generational rage that’s stored in your body
  • Channel and infuse the power of sacred anger into your creations
  • Honor and alchemize rage and reclaim your softness


  • Uncover what your true gifts are for yourself and for the world
  • Release wounding that cause you shrink or hide your gifts, medicine and magic
  • Discover how your  true gifts are a part of the tapestry of healing and liberation
  • Embrace your true gifts are and weave them into your life and work reclaim your innate radiance


  • Explore and unpack early programming around boundaries
  • Learn the different types of boundaries that are important to maintain so you can show up in your life and work
  • Find out what you need in order to have strong, healthy boundaries
  • Be more integral and boundaried in your life and relationships
  • Uproot the need to please and embody openness, freedom and flexiblity


  • Begin to heal the ways you’ve from the ways you’ve been disconnected from your ancestry
  • Retrieve and unlock the intelligence in your lineage using your body so you’re more deeply aligned to your purpose
  • Embark on a journey of remembering the wisdom of your roots
  • Feel connected and supported by your ancestors
  • Reclaim your roots and weave its knowledge into your life and work as a celebration and honoring all that you are


  • Uncover what your true gifts are for yourself and for the world
  • Release wounding that cause you shrink or hide your gifts, medicine and magic
  • Discover how your  true gifts are a part of the tapestry of healing and liberation
  • Embrace your true gifts are and weave them into your life and work reclaim your innate radiance


  • Explore and unpack the ways organized religion has shaped you with integrity and honesty
  • Create a rich spiritual practice that nourishes and grounds you and deepens your connection to the divine in a way that’s honoring and true
  • Expand your spiritual resilience so you can face personal and global challenges with compassion and right action
  • Decrease overwhelm and worry and feel divinely supported regardless of circumstances
  • Remember what it means to show up with devotion

A Recap of What’s Included...

Circle of Reclamation Course

Audio Exploration, Meditation + Soulsheet

Full Moon Breathwork Practice

Somatic Experiencing Group Session

New Moon Reclamation Ritual

Monthly Ask Thérèse

Somatics for the People

Sister Squads

Embodied Black Girl Global Village

TOTAL VALUE: $10,000+

Join Our Global Village!

Enrollment is open to Black women, femmes and
gender expansive humans across the African Diaspora and folks of color.

There are three pricing options available. Please choose the appropriate option
based on your financial circumstances.


Choose this option if you have limited financial means.

$44/month | $484/year


Choose this option if your basic financial needs are met.

$55/month | $605/year


Choose this option if you have more than your basic financial.

$65/month | $715/year

More Flexible




More Bonuses




*There are no refunds or exchanges.

Circle of Reclamation is the first of its kind...


Circle of Reclamation is a Black-led, trauma-informed, grief-informed, attachment-based, embodied healing and leadership course and community.

Circle of Reclamation was created in response to the needs of our community. This is an invitation to center our healing outside conventional spaces that center whiteness. Our approach is grief literate, trauma-informed and grounded in secure attachment. Furthermore, after being in countless wellness, spiritual and leadership spaces for over two decades that lacked representation in both teachers and participants it was time to create something different.


We’re committed to holding safe and brave space.

In this space you will be held and challenged. There are conversations that as Black women we need to have for our healing and liberation and this will be the container to those deeper discussions.


We counter a culture founded on colonial constructs of gender-based violence and racialized capitalism. Our approach to healing, leadership and social change is embodied.

In order to weave new worlds we must contend with the harm that this world has created while also being able to expand into a decolonial vision of our individual and collective future.


Healing is communal.

So much of the trauma we experience is in relationship and that is why we know our healing must be communal. While we acknowledge the limitations of doing this work in a virtual space we also know without a doubt that the transformations and medicine is real.

You Might Consider Circle of Reclamation if...

  • You desire to become more confident and courageous in turn making our creations more profound and potent
  • You crave to be more aligned and sovereign in the way we lead
  • Retrieve the wisdom that’s buried in our roots and in our body and infuse it into all we do
  • Remember that we’re both holy and human and have greater compassion for ourselves and others
  • Release the pain: the abuse, the addictions, the unspeakable things that have happened and bring them to the alter of our presence
  • Give voice to all the parts of us that have been silenced throughout history and create a tapestry of healing and liberation for ourselves and our children

And here’s what you get when you enroll today...

  • 12 Transformational Portals along with Meditation + Soul Sheet ($3,000 )
  • Monthly Group Coaching ($500/month)
  • Monthly Breathwork Journey ($599)
  • Monthly Somatics for the People ($500/month)
  • Monthly Somatic Experiencing Group Session ($500/month)
  • Monthly Reclamation Ritual ($499)
  • Seasonal Workshops with Thérèse + Special Guests ($500+/workshop)
  • Seasonal Gatherings: Grief Vigil, Black Joy and more ($250/gathering)
  • Guest Mentor Interviews ($2000)
  • Sister Squads (Priceless)
  • Exclusive Access to the Embodied Black Girl Global Village (Priceless)

TOTAL VALUE: $10,000+

Meet Your Host

Hi, I’m Thérèse, I’m the founder of Embodied Black Girl, a Somatic and Embodiment Teacher, a Decolonial Leadership Coach and an Artist. I’m also a mother of a magical being, a daughter, a sister, an auntie and a friend to many beloveds.

The seed of Circle of Reclamation was planted in 2016.

Circle of Reclamation was birthed from noticing the disparities in access to healing for Black women and femmes.
Circle of Reclamation was birthed from a lifetime of being an artist and all that comes with it.
Circle of Reclamation was birthed from my deepest pain and my greatest joys.
Circle of Reclamation was birthed from over two decades of personal healing work and over 13 years of being a sacred space holder for visionary people.
Circle of Reclamation was birthed from being raised in a family of healers, artists and activists.

I envisioned a space where deeply embodied leadership meant the lived experiences of those who’ve been silenced would be centered.

I envisioned a space where embodied healing incorporated trauma informed and grief informed care.

I envisioned a space where we practiced nervous system regulation.

I envisioned a space that knew we couldn’t get free if we don’t address the ways we are shaped by our culture.

I envisioned a space where we are all leaders and practice what it means to be in community.

I envisioned a space that believed that we all were worthy to be well and we would remember what’s been lost.

And this blossomed into Circle of Reclamation. I’ve had the honor of guiding this work for 4 years.

If your heart says yes, it would be an honor to serve as both your guide and sister on this beautiful journey!

With love and devotion,