November 1 – 6 2023

(2 spaces opened up!)



If you only read this today I want you to know:

You are worthy of unconditional love, because you are love. You are deserving of deep support, because our true nature is communal. And healing is your birthright, because you are your ancestors’ wildest dreams realized.


And while we live in a culture that have us forgetting our divinity, we can choose to remember.

The Embodied Black Girl Retreat is a sacred alchemical container where we remember our worth, our ancestral gifts and our divinity.

It’s a container where we immerse ourselves and commune with breathtaking nature to facilitate deep somatic healing and transformation.

Together we’ll spend 6 glorious days journeying through the elemental world.

We invoke Air, and ask for the way to be made clear.

We invoke Fire, and embody our sacred wildness.

We invoke Water, and enter the mystery.

We invoke Earth, and honor our Great Mother.



We invite Infinite Creator, Divine Spirit to lead.

As we journey through the elements, we unmap from interpersonal, cultural and colonial wounds. From a space of deep nourishment, we remember our wildness, we embody our pleasure, we transform through sisterhood, we root to our most expansive expression of life and leadership.

Together we’ll laugh, cry, sing, dance, share from our soul and eat the most delicious food. This retreat is for deep soul nourishment and coming home to your truest most luminous self.

Imagine being held
in a constallation of care,
receiving deep nourishment
that resonates throughout your cells,
and submerging in sacred ritual and ceremony.


In a world that subscribes to grind culture our retreat creates space to sloooooow down. In the sacred pauses you soften and attune to your inner knowing and create a portal to your aliveness. Here’s a preview of how we’ll spiral deeper…

  • Explore your true desires for your life, relationships and calling outside of the daily pressures of work and family. This is sacred space just for you.
  • Practice radical self-acceptance and self-love and embrace yourself, your shadows and your perceived flaws in expansive ways.
  • Unmap from colonial and cultural conditioning that create deep seeded feelings of unworthiness and not belonging.
  • Get crystal clear on your next steps in your life and work and embody the courage and radiance needed to bring it into being.
  • Create the internal and external structures to honor your boundaries and nurture relationships rooted in care and consent.
  • Recognize and honor the sacred medicine you’re meant to share.
  • Deepen the bonds of true sisterhood and meet other beautiful souls committed to weaving the new world together.

Rooted visioning.
Expansive dreaming.
Embodied aliveness.
Wild devotion.


Our playground will be an intimate eco-resort in Zihuatanejo, Mexico devoted to sustainable and regenerative practices and service to the local community. You’ll be nestled between the beautiful Pacific Ocean and the majestic Sierra Madre Mountains on 200 acres of land and pristine mile-long beach.

The land includes an estuary, an Aztec archeological site, a turtle sanctuary, and a coastal forest and mangrove ecosystem, which supports an array of stunning wildlife.


You’ll be dining on traditional Mexican meals cooked with minimal oil and healthy, local ingredients sourced directly from the on-site farm and from local farmers.

Because of this close connection a wide variety of dietary concerns including vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, omnivore, Kosher, not to mention special care to address any allergies, gluten free, sugar free and other food concerns can be accommodated.

Our retreat takes place during the annual Día de los Muertos celebrations which is an honoring of beloved ancestors. You’ll have the opportunity to participate in a beautiful honoring ceremony. You’ll also have an opportunity to participate in a beautiful Cacao Ceremony which is medicine for heart opening and a beautiful farm tour.

Open to your child-like curiosity and explore the beautiful landscape which includes the ocean, the mountains, flora, fauna and our animal kin! There are a wide array of excursions being offered from snorkeling and scuba if you’re feeling very adventurous or simply getting an amazing massage on the beach. Explore what moves your soul.

One of our foundational pillars at Embodied Black Girl is to make sure our healing creates a ripple impact of good on the collective. We chose a retreat center where impact and community is integral to the experience. We’ll be staying on a beautiful eco beach resort run entirely off the grid where 100% of the energy we use is generated from solar power. There’s also deep partnership and with the local community to support health, education and the environment. On the behalf of each retreat participant a donation will be made to the Regenerative Trust that supports both local social and environmental causes.


Accommodations are shared with 2-4 folks and range from gorgeous studios to casitas to architecturally stunning treehouses made with natural local materials. This is an experience where you’ll be immersed in nature and part of the natural world. All rooms are open to nature, have a view of the Pacific Ocean and allow for free flow of the ocean breeze. Single rooms are limited and require an upgrade fee. Please register and then please get in touch with your request.


This retreat is for self-identified Black women and femmes.



The Retreat Includes:


• 6 days/5 nights at a gorgeous eco-lux retreat center on the Pacific Coast of Mexico on 200 acres of lush land

• 3 delicious meals per day + snacks (dinner on Arrival + lunch if you arrive early; breakfast on Departure Day + lunch if you depart late)

• Oceanside Yoga

• Daily Village Councils

• Welcome Dinner

• Transformational + healing ceremonies + rituals

• Powerful group Breathwork + Soul Journeys + Sacred Somatics

• Farm Tour

• Cacoa Ceremony for deep heart expansion

• Beach Dinner

• 2-Hour pre-retreat Welcome Call

• 2-Hour post-retreat Group Coaching Integration Call

•  Private WhatsApp Group for connection in the weeks prior and post-retreat

•  Airport Transfer to and from ZIH (on arrival and departure days only)

• All taxes, tips, and a donation to support local social + environmental endeavors

•  Surprises + unforgettable lifelong memories and sisterhood!!!






Register Now


3 monthly payments of $1250 or  6 bi-weekly payments of $625 or 12 weekly payments of $312.50



Travel to and from Mexico (you’ll fly into ZIH), additional food and specialty drinks, massages + excursions beyond the scope of the retreat.

Have questions? Please email: hello@embodiedblackgirl.com

Refund + Cancellation

There are no refunds or cancellations available for this trip. Travel insurance is highly advised in case you’re unable to attend the retreat due to unforeseen circumstances. If we have to cancel the retreat due to an emergency all of your payments will be applied to our next retreat.

Physical + Mental Health

This retreat isn’t suitable for those who are pregnant or who’ve had suicidal ideation in the past year.


Please note there are no Covid-19 travel restrictions to enter Mexico. If you’re traveling outside of the US please check with the appropriate governmental bodies. To attend the retreat you will need to provide a negative Covid-19 test 48 hours prior to gain admittance to the retreat.

This is the culture we seek to create at the retreat.
If this resonates with you then you’re in the right place.




▼We recognize that this retreat is a nature immersion and not a closed environment and will honor all living beings. We are going to be one with nature!

▼We recognize we’ll be traveling to another country and we will be guests. As guests we are respectful of customs, cultures and know that things will not happen on our time. We bring flexibility, humility, grace and reverence.

▼We honor boundaries and see the humanity in everyone including our fellow retreat attendees, retreat hosts/facilitators, retreat center team and honored guests.

▼We’re devoted to cultivating safe and brave space to confront and dismantle the ways we internalize and express systems of oppression.

▼We do our own internal work as our triggers arise.

▼We acknowledge ourselves and every person here as sovereign while being rooted in a culture of care.

▼We honor different identities and are attentive to pronouns and don’t use generalizations when addressing individuals or a group.

▼We witness one another through the lens of love, even when challenges and fumbles arise.

▼We give ourselves and one another grace. When mistakes happen we orient towards generous repair.

▼We actively seek to create a culture that centers care, liberation and justice.

▼We center slowness and honor the pace of our bodies.

▼We tread gently and bring deep humility and strive to be in right relationship with the land and people.





I’m overjoyed to be holding space in-person after been apart for so long. Many of the wounds we experience are due to relational ruptures and the medicine of being together heals on a cellular level. It’s my honor and an ancestral calling to do this work and hold this space for our individual and collective thriving.

I know deep in my bones in order to create a world where we are each held we must deeply honor our desires and needs while unpacking the ways we’ve been shaped by our culture. As we reclaim the parts of us that we’ve lost and forgotten we become the embodiment of the world we seek to belong to.

This retreat will be a space where you can bring the totality of who you are. Your brilliance. Your shadows. Your dreams. Your sorrows. It’s a space of deep love and devotion. A space where Spirit takes the lead.

If you feel called, I can’t wait to welcome you for what will be a beautiful regenerative and life-transforming adventure!





‘i love myself.’
the quietest.
most powerful.
revolution. ever.
-nayyirah waheed