Design and dream into your year
with intention and intuition
for embodied pleasure, flow and impact



Beloved One,

Dream with me for a moment.

I’m inviting us to dream because, for many of us, the colonial-patriarchy has nearly destroyed our ability to dream.

Yet, here we are, our ancestor’s wildest dreams realized.

As we get ready to welcome a new year, many of us are feeling unprepared, overwhelmed, still processing grief and all that’s transpired personally and collectively over the past few years.


Yet, something within us yearns to be fully expressed in our life and work.


This year, before we start setting resolutions that we think we want or we think will make us fit into dominant culture ideals let’s carve out time to listen to our soul.


Let’s reclaim the sacred ancestral practice of dreaming and go beyond the matrix of patriarchal-supremacy. Let’s dismantle dystopian futures by rooting to our brightest vision for ourselves and our world.


Let’s say no more to…

~Tired resolutions that have us fixated on toxic over consumption and extraction.
~Keeping our gifts and medicine tucked away.
~Aligning with capitalistic values that keep us hustling hard, spinning and dying to reach unrealistic dominant culture ideals.

Instead this year let’s…

~Center s p a c i o u s n e s s, deep nourishment and rest.

~Center the kind of hope that catapults us towards justice, liberation and dignity for all beings.

~Center right action, flow, deepening our impact and embodying the deep wisdom of our elders and ancestors.

If this speaks to your soul, join us for…

Decolonial Visioning is a live day long workshop to design and dream into 2024 with intention and intuition. Let’s reclaim dreaming and visioning as radical and magical practices for our liberation.



During our live workshop you’ll:

~Call forth your deepest vision for yourself, your work, and our world

~Attune to your unique rhythm and nature’s cycles to plan out your year in a way that’s nourishing and prioritizes rest, pleasure and play

~Soften into your body’s knowing and choose the projects that light up your soul (I’ll share my personal practice)

~Learn my favorite way to map out the entire year intuitively (we’ll be doing this together in real time and it’s such a blast!)

~Commune with your embodied wisdom for guidance

Join us for an an embodied, liberatory and regenerative approach to mapping out 2024.


$88 (with sliding scale options)

~You’ll receive immediate access to the recording~


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Thérèse Cator (she/her/hers) is a mother and the founder of Embodied Black Girl. She’s also Embodiment Practitioner and Teacher, Decolonial Leadership Mentor and a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. She works at the intersection of spirit, somatics and social justice rooted in a decolonial lens. She comes from a long line of medicine people, artists and activists. Thérèse is devoted to guiding people of all backgrounds to untether from the colonial and cultural conditioning that create cultures of disconnection. She invites them to unmap their bodies from supremacy and intergenerational trauma and in the process unearth the ancestral gifts essential to weave the new world.