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I’m so honored that you’re here!

I’m Thérèse Cator and I’m the Founder of Embodied Black Girl and the host of the Embodied Black Girl Podcast. I’m also a mother, Decolonial Leadership Mentor, and Embodiment Practitioner and Teacher, a Healer and a multi-disciplinary Artist.

I’ve spent over 15 years guiding visionary humans to remember their wholeness, reclaim their radiance and untether from colonial conditioning in life and leadership in the name of healing and liberation for us all. My work lies at the intersection of leadership, spirituality, healing, somatics, mindfulness, decolonization and social change.

This podcast centers how we can deeply embody our liberation, healing and leadership to weave the new world. There will be thought-provoking conversations with visionary humans, personal stories and lessons and more.

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Thank you for being here!



Decolonizing Therapy and Reclaiming Rage with Dr. Jennifer Mullan

Unpacking Unconscious Biases and the Power of Reflective Writing with Leesa Renée Hall

Reclaiming Radical Self Love with Sonya Renee Taylor

that center our

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I know deep in my bones that Black women deserve spaces where we are held.
Spaces that center our healing and liberation.

Spaces where we can soften.
Spaces where we can be tender.
Spaces where we no longer have to carry the burdens of the world.

It’s truly an honor to hold sacred space where we stand in our divinity.
Where intergenerational pain is transformed into power.
Where the blessings pour and we’re able to receive them.

This July, we’re gathering in breathtakingly beautiful Vieques, Puerto Rico for our Embodied Black Girl Retreat.

If you’re feeling the soul nudge to be there — listen. It’s going to be pure #blackgirlmagic 🖤
For all the beautiful details please DM @embodiedblackgirl “RETREAT”
Early enrollment discount is available until Monday!
There are limited space left!


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In these turbulent times, it’s so hard to not look at the sheer horror happening before our eyes.

At the same time, day in and day out I’m reminded when working directly with my community that the need is so great for the Black women and communities of color.

And my heart is big enough to hold them all.

Here’s the truth: I wasn’t sure if I was going to lead a retreat this year because of the times we’re in.

However, Spirit guided me to this exact place and revealed that this is meant to be a soul pilgrimage devoted to our individual and collective rebirth. Over the years, I’ve learned that when Spirit and the Ancestors’ are guiding its best to listen.

This July, we’re heading to Vieques to gather and create space to breathe. And for people that have been systemically denied rest and rejuvenation this is vital.

If you’re interested in attending please join me for a LIVE CALL (on zoom) happening TOMORROW (2/28) where I’ll be sharing all the beautiful details that can’t be relayed in a social media post.

To attend please DM @embodiedblackgirl “RETREAT” and we’ll add you to list to join us. ❤️✨🌺

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It’s an absolute dream to share that our 2024 Embodied Black Girl Retreat is here!!! 🦋❤️‍🔥🌺

In a culture that have us forgetting our divinity, this is a sacred space where we remember — our worth, our ancestral gifts and our divinity.

We’re on the cusp of a new era. To honor this threshold, we’ll deepen into our individual and collective rites of passage and dream new realities.

Through sacred ceremony and council we’ll enter the portal to the next chapter of our soul (r)evolution.

We’ll spend 5 glorious days in Vieques, a gorgeous island with unspoiled beaches off the coast of Puerto Rico where on the clearest of nights, even the Milky Way becomes visible.

We’ll be staying at an Ayurvedic hotel (the only one in the Caribbean) with gorgeous accommodations. When I was guided to this location, I knew it would support the mind-body-soul transformations that would happen. We’ll have the place all to ourselves so, it’s going to be divine!

From a space of deep nourishment, we remember our wildness, we embody our pleasure, we transform through sisterhood, we root to your most expansive expression of life and leadership.

Also, for a limited time enjoy early enrollment pricing + reserve your space with only a $250 deposit!

If you feel called to join us, it would be an honor to hold space for your rebirth. ❤️

DM @embodiedblackgirl “RETREAT” for all the gorgeous details! 🖤✨🌺

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✨Commune with us this Friday for Decolonial Visioning!!✨

It’s my yearly planning workshop but really it’s a space bursting with possibility. And while this workshop typically happens at the top of the year, clearly this year, Spirit had other plans.

And as I feel it into, I think it’s divine timing that we’re gathering during Black Futures Month, a time that celebrates our community’s history, beauty and the possibilities to come.

This month there are also celebrations of the Lunar New Year (the year of the Dragon), the day of love, and many festivals preparing for the Spring season (if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere).

However, the most magical part about this workshop is doing it in community! Because when we allow our vision to be held in community something exquisite always emerges.

Want to play?

Comment “VISION” and I’ll DM you the details. ❤️‍🔥💫✨

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If you’re desiring for a space that weaves together healing and leadership where all of you is welcome come play with us!

Circle of Reclamation is our global village for embodied healing and leadership for folks of the global majority! Because a new world is possible.

In the words of June Jordan, “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for!”

Comment “COR” for all the details. ✨🫶🏿✨

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I literally cried watching this. A proud moment in history from our South African brothers and sisters. This is healing + justice in action. #therightsideofhistory

Repost from @aljazeeraenglish

South Africa’s justice minister Ronald Lamola outlined the country’s genocide case against Israel, as a landmark hearing opened at the International Court of Justice.⁠

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✨SOFTEN starts TOMORROW!✨comment “SOFTEN” to RSVP or head to the link in bio @embodiedblackgirl

How we’ll flow ...

🌺 a daily giveaway (surprise!)
🌺 a beautiful new moon ceremony (happening day 2!)
🌺 live coaching heart seats (a community fave!)
🌺 plus, I’ll be weaving in some of my best teachings, practices, meditations, rituals to unearth your ancestral gifts and the medicine that long to be shared.

It’s going to be beautiful! ❤️❤️❤️

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We deserve spaces where we can be soft. Join me for a free 3 day virtual retreat to cultivate the depths of your healing, ancestral gifts and leadership. Comment SOFTEN to RSVP. 🤎#embodiedblackgirl ...

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Happy New Year Beautiful People! 🎉 I’m wishing you a year filled with abundant blessings!

I woke up in 2024 finding myself on Katt Williams’ internet. Okaaaay. IYKYK. 🤣

This is the age of radical embodied truth telling, where the lies of the colonialist-patriarchy can no longer survive.

Archaic systems will crumble.

And while they do, many will be clutching their pearls and trying their best to take down Black women.

However, from Sojourner Truth to Harriet Tubman to Ketanji Brown Jackson to Claudine Gay the Ancestors have our back. Always and in all ways.

And honey, we were made for these times.

Now, we’re also being asked to show up as our most embodied selves.

That’s why I’m overjoyed (and fired up!) to be hosting SOFTEN a free 3 day retreat to cultivate the depths of your healing, ancestral gifts and leadership.


🌺In a culture deceived into forgetting,
we must choose to make our medicine.
🌺In a culture founded in violence,
we must choose our liberation.
🌺In a culture flattened by erasing our humanity,
we must orient towards our softness again and again.

And for those of us who live in bodies that have been systemically brutalized our tenderness is deeply rooted to resistance and liberation.

Our softness reminds us of what we’re fighting for, crying for, rallying for and what our ancestors lived and died for.

Join me (THIS FRIDAY - SUNDAY) for 3 days gathered around the virtual fire for teachings, ceremony, meditation, inquiries and guidance.

Let’s get tender together. To join us comment SOFTEN or head over to the link in bio @embodiedblackgirl ❤️‍🔥 #embodiedblackgirl

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I can’t let this year go by without sharing this beauty and magic from our Embodied Black Girl Retreat because this experience changed us on a cellular level. And what better day to share than on the Winter Solstice! ✨

I’ve been trying to find the words but sometimes there are no words that can ever capture a moment. And that’s okay. It’s a timeless moment beyond words.

An emergence from one of the softest places possible.
Held in ways we didn’t know we needed.
A remembrance that we are indeed our Ancestors’ wildest dreams embodied.
Hearts broken open.
Sweet sisterhood.

I bow to Spirit for allowing us to keep our Divine appointment.

I bow to each of these beautiful, brilliant, powerful and tender Black women and femmes.

It was an honor to laugh together, cry together, dream together and alchemize together.
I love you all so deeply.

May the medicine we weaved create a legacy of goodness for us all and our communities. ❤️❤️❤️

✨❄️Winter Solstice Blessings!✨❄️

Photo taken by magical artist @thaisaquinophotography


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