A 1-day retreat to cultivate the depths of your healing, ancestral gifts and leadership

February 16, 2024 | 12pm EST


Beloved One,
In a culture deceived into forgetting,
we must choose to remember our medicine.

In a culture founded in violence,
we must choose our liberation.

In a culture flattened by erasing our humanity,
we must orient towards our softness again and again.

Witnessing continuous horrors happening in our world have shaken us to our core.

In the midst of this colonial nightmare, the default may be to numb and lose ourselves (and one another) in it all.

However, what if we choose differently?

What’s possible when we orient towards a deepest vision of our beloved Ancestors?

What if we can touch into real beauty and goodness without bypassing all the hard (and necessary) stuff?

What new world and new possibilities are we able to create.

Because beloved one we already know how strong we all are but the question that begs to be answered is how tender can we get together?

And for those of us who live in bodies that have been systemically brutalized our tenderness is also resistance and liberation.

Our softness reminds of what we’re fighting for, crying for, rallying for and what our ancestors lived and died for.



You’re invited to join us for Soften, a free retreat where we’ll gather around the virtual fire for teachings, meditation, inquiries and guidance that will…


  • Challenge and begin to untangle you from colonial paradigms of healing, leading and relating
  • Unearth your ancestral gifts and medicine that long to be shared and need your tending
  • Unpack distinctions between “the soft life” and what it means to soften
  • Embrace + commune with the fullness of your intergenerational wisdom
  • Hold you in the embrace of others devoted to weaving community and building more regenerative futures


Let us never forget that a new world is possible.


Soften is a retreat to root to our deep ancestral gifts and embody revolutionary leadership

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Your Host

Thérèse Cator is a mother, a daughter, a sister and a friend and the founder of Embodied Black Girl, a global community that centers the healing and liberation of Black women and femmes. She’s also a Decolonial Leadership guide, a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, an anti-oppression facilitator, an artist and a healer from a deep lineage of medicine people and revolutionaries.

Over the past 15 years, Thérèse has worked with people from all backgrounds and her work has been featured in Forbes and Mashable twice as well as Essence, Travel Noire, Jezebel, Authority Magazine, Mind Body Green, Motherly, Yahoo News, among others.

Thérèse’s work weaves together spirituality, somatics and social change and exists in the world to provide deep counsel and guidance to cultural shapers to heal intergenerationally, unearth their deepest expression of embodied leadership and birth revolutionary work and worlds.



A free retreat to cultivate
the depths of your
ancestral gifts.
A free retreat to cultivate
the depths of your
revolutionary leadership.
A free retreat to cultivate
the depths of your
A free retreat to cultivate
the depths of our
A free retreat to cultivate
the depths of your
A free retreat to cultivate
the depths of your
A free retreat to cultivate
the depths of your
A free retreat to cultivate
the depths of your

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