VIEQUES, PUERTO RICO || JULY 14 – 18, 2024


If you only read this today I want you to know:
You are worthy of unconditional love, because you are love. You are deserving of deep support, because our true nature is communal. And healing is your birthright, because you are your Ancestors’ wildest dreams realized.

And while we live in a culture that have us forgetting our divinity, we can choose to remember.


The Embodied Black Girl Retreat is a sacred alchemical container where we remember our worth, our ancestral gifts and our divinity.

It’s a container where we immerse ourselves and commune with breathtaking nature to facilitate deep somatic healing and transformation.




We are on the cusp of a new era. To honor this threshold, we will deepen into our individual and collective rites of passage for this time.

Through ceremony and council we’ll enter the portal to embrace the next chapter of our soul (r)evolution.

With Spirit, Nature and our Ancestors as guides we unmap from interpersonal, cultural and colonial wounds for our rebirth.

From a space of deep nourishment, we remember our wildness, we embody our pleasure, we transform through sisterhood, we root to our most expansive expression of life and leadership.

Together we’ll laugh, cry, sing, dance, share from our soul and eat the most delicious vegetarian food. This retreat is for deep mind-body-soul nourishment and coming home to your truest, most luminous self.

Transformational, healing, liberating, grounding! SPECTACULAR!!!

The retreat was transformational, healing, liberating, grounding! SPECTACULAR!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating this experience for being the vessel that could hold all of these energies that were brought here. Thank you for fluidly moving through everything that was brought up in our rooms and in our sessions and, and centering Black women for health and healing because we deserve it, it is our right. I’m so grateful!

~Samora Covington, Psy.D, Tenured Psychology Professor and Founder Liberated Radiance

It’s been a fabulous experience!

When Thérèse presented the opportunity to go on this retreat, I kind of blindly just said yes, and I’m so grateful that I did! It’s been a fabulous experience! I’ve learned a lot about myself and created some wonderful friendships and I will definitely follow her on her next adventure that I’m invited to. If you are someone like me, who tends to overthink and have some trust issues this is just a great experience to move through those things and just trust and you will not be disappointed.

~Sherrese Mikell, Co-Owner Breathe Diversity Pilates + Fitness

The experience was groundbreaking! It’s worth it, seriously, do it!

I was inspired to come to the retreat because it was a chance to transform my mind and become a better version of myself. The bonding was unreal! Usually you have to spend months and months with people to get this level of closeness and honesty. Being able to hear their stories and share mine has been life changing. Throughout the retreat we were surrounded by so many signs from the universe. By the end of the retreat I felt like, “I can do anything!” Being led by Thérèse was phenomenal and easy! It was like speaking to a friend but without judgement. Working with her is worth limitless amounts! The experience was groundbreaking! It’s worth it, seriously, do it!


For anyone who’s being called to this work for anyone who’s been called to go deeper into their own healing, I would highly recommend it!

~Natalee Facey, Somatic Coach + Birth Doula

Imagine being held
in a constellation of care,
receiving deep nourishment
that resonates throughout your cells,
and submerging in sacred ritual and ceremony.



In a world that subscribes to grind culture our retreat creates space to sloooooow down. In the sacred pauses you soften and attune to your inner knowing and create a portal to your aliveness. Here’s a preview of how we’ll spiral deeper…

  • Explore your true desires for your life, relationships and calling outside of the daily pressures of work and family. This is sacred space just for you.
  • Practice radical self-acceptance and self-love and embrace yourself, your shadows and your perceived flaws in expansive ways.
  • Unmap from colonial and cultural conditioning that create deep seeded feelings of unworthiness and not belonging.
  • Get crystal clear on your next steps in your life and work and embody the courage and radiance needed to bring it into being.
  • Create the internal and external structures to honor your boundaries and nurture relationships rooted in care and consent.
  • Recognize and honor the sacred medicine you’re meant to share.
  • Deepen the bonds of true sisterhood and meet other beautiful souls committed to weaving the new world together.

Rooted visioning.
Expansive dreaming.
Embodied aliveness.
Wild devotion.


We’re heading to Vieques, a gorgeous island off the coast of Puerto Rico. Our retreat venue sits atop a hill surrounded by luscious vegetation and the soothing symphony of the native Coqui frogs.

Located on one of the highest points in Vieques, we’ll enjoy amazing sunrises and sunsets and because there’s hardly any light pollution, it creates the perfect atmosphere to see the stars at night. On the clearest of nights, even the Milky Way becomes visible for stargazers to admire.

We’ll be staying at the only Ayurvedic hotel in the Caribbean. In Sanskrit, Ayurveda, directly translates to “The Science of Life”. Ayurveda has been preserved as an ancient medicine for over 5,000 years.

Aligned with our theme of rebirth, we’ll dine on artfully made and delicious Ayurvedic vegetarian meals with a Caribbean flair which will support our bodies in integrating the deep soul work we’re doing. You’ll also have the option to book Ayurvedic therapies, explore Chinese Medicine and other holistic body treatments if you so desire.

All that's Included...

5 Days/4 Nights at Eco-Hilltop Retreat Center

3 Delicious Ayurvedic Vegan/Vegetarian Meals per day & snacks

2 Hour Pre-Retreat Welcome

Private Telegram Group in the weeks prior + post retreat

Ferry ride from Ceiba to Vieques

1 Month Access to Circle of Reclamation for Post-Retreat Integration Support

Alchemical Breathwork

Sacred Soulscapes

Embodied Movement

Soul Councils

Ceremonies + Rituals for Rebirth

Hands-on somatic + nervous system work

Ancestral Guidance

Collective Dreaming

Five Stars!!! I HIGHLY recommend it!

~Phyllis Butler, Music Teacher, Music Therapist, Teaching Artist and founder of Sweet Melody Music Studio

There was nothing I could have done to prepare for the experience that I had!

This trip has been amazing! There was nothing I could have done to prepare for the experience that I had! Natalee and Thérèse were awesome hosts and facilitators and our groups! When I first came here, there were different things that I wanted to touch on and get more clarity around and I feel like I accomplished that. I’m just so grateful for them putting this together because I’ve never really been on something like this before, and it just an amazing experience! One thing that I’m taking away from here is being able to process different trauma and grief – recognize it for what it is, and then move on, prosper from it, give it back if I needed, because everything is not for us to carry! I feel that was embedded in me while I was here! I’m so so grateful to be a part of it.

~Ronnie Horns, Licensed Professional Counselor

A really powerful experience!

Participating in the Embodied Black Girl retreat was a really powerful experience! I came at a very rough time in my life way, through a big transition. It was a really important trip for me. It’s an opportunity to connect with others to connect with myself to connect with my ancestors, and just a lot of healing and reflection and journaling. Going inwards, I had a lot of revelations and have been having a lot of important conversations with myself and with others. I’m very hopeful about what I will take forward into the next phase of my life. Thank you Embodied Black Girl!


The healing circles were so powerful, so amazing, so insightful!

~Porsche Terry, MSW, LCSW


From gorgeous treehouses, stunning cabins, lovely casitas and even a vintage airstream, each space tells a unique story. Every room has the same incredible amenities – comfortable organic mattresses, high quality bedding, AC, fully equipped kitchen, terrace/balcony to enjoy the breeze or simply lay in your hammock. And we must mention the outdoor showers are divine. And guess what? We’ll have the entire property to ourselves!

Choose between single, double or camp style occupancy or even bring along a family member or friend and share a space.


Each room is beautifully unique and has been decorated individually with attention to detail, vintage furniture, and has its own balcony/terrace, infused water, air conditioner and indoor/outdoor shower.

Registration for our 2024 retreat is closed. To be added to the waitlist should a space open up please email



There are no refunds or cancellations available for this trip. Travel insurance is highly advised in case you’re unable to attend the retreat due to unforeseen circumstances. If we have to cancel the retreat due to an emergency all of your payments will be applied to our next retreat.



This retreat isn’t suitable for those who are pregnant or who’ve had suicidal ideation in the past year.



Please note there are no Covid-19 travel restrictions to enter Puerto Rico. If you’re traveling outside of the U.S. please check with the appropriate governmental bodies. To attend the retreat you will need to provide a negative Covid-19 test 48 hours prior to gain admittance.


If you resonate with this you’re in the right place!

  • We recognize that we will be in a lush natural environment and we will honor all living beings. We are going to be one with nature!
  • We recognize we’ll be traveling to another country/land and we will be guests. As guests we are respectful of customs, cultures and know that things will not happen on our time. We bring flexibility, humility, grace and reverence.
  • We honor boundaries and see the humanity in everyone including our fellow retreat attendees, retreat hosts/facilitators, retreat center team and honored guests.
  • We’re devoted to cultivating safe and brave space to confront and dismantle the ways we internalize and express systems of oppression.
  • We do our own internal work as our triggers arise.
  • We acknowledge ourselves and every person here as sovereign while being rooted in a culture of care.
  • We honor different identities and are attentive to pronouns and don’t use generalizations when addressing individuals or a group.
  • We witness one another through the lens of love, even when challenges and fumbles arise.
  • We give ourselves and one another grace. When mistakes happen we orient towards generous repair.
  • We actively seek to create a culture that centers care, liberation and justice.
  • We center slowness and honor the pace of our bodies.
  • We tread gently and bring deep humility and strive to be in right relationship with the land and people.









DAY 1: 3p Arrive + Settle in, 5 Opening Circle, 7 Welcome Dinner


DAY 2-4: 8a Movement, 9 Breakfast, 10 Council + Ceremony, 1p Lunch, 2 Space to rest + dream, 4 Breathwork/Rituals/Beach, 7p Dinner, 8 rest/dream circle/stargazing


DAY 5: 9 Breakfast, 11 Goodbye + departure


Dear One,

If you got this far, thank you for your presence. I’m overjoyed to be holding space in-person after been apart for so long. Many of the wounds we experience are due to relational ruptures and the medicine of being together heals on a cellular level. It’s my honor and an ancestral calling to do this work and hold this space for our individual and collective thriving.

I know deep in my bones in order to create a world where we are each held we must deeply honor our desires and needs while unpacking the ways we’ve been shaped by our culture. As we reclaim the parts of us that we’ve lost and forgotten we become the embodiment of the world we seek to belong to.

This retreat will be a space where you can bring the totality of who you are. Your brilliance. Your shadows. Your dreams. Your sorrows. It’s a space of deep love and devotion. A space where Spirit takes the lead. A space of rebirth and coming home to your essence.

If you feel called, I can’t wait to welcome you for what will be a beautiful regenerative and life-transforming adventure!

With Love,



We’ll meet as a group at San Juan Airport (SJU) at a designated time in the morning on Sunday, July 14th.

We recommend you arrive one day or two earlier and stay in San Juan to start to prepare your body, mind and spirit for the experience and to make our meeting time.

From SJU airport, we’ll be shuttled to the Ceiba Ferry Port. From Ceiba Ferry Port, we’ll take a ferry ride to the island of Vieques followed by a short ride from Vieques to our retreat venue.

Please note: The cost of the ferry ticket is included however, the cost of shuttles/taxis is not included.

If arriving early, it will be at your own expense however, we can extend a generous discount to our retreat center’s sister hotel in San Juan.


  • 5days/4 nights at a gorgeous eco hill-top retreat in the heart of Vieques complete with Ayurvedic spa
  • 3 delicious Ayurvedic vegan/ vegetarian meals per day + snacks (dinner on Arrival Day; breakfast on Departure Day)
  • Daily Movement
  • Daily Soul Councils
  • Transformational + healing ceremonies + rituals
  • Powerful group Breathwork + Soul Journeys + Sacred Somatics
  • 2-Hour Pre-retreat Welcome Call in the weeks before the retreat
  • 1 month complimentary access to Circle of Reclamation membership community post retreat for more support
  • Private Telegram Group for connection in the weeks prior and post-retreat
  • Surprises + unforgettable lifelong memories and sisterhood!!!


The following is not included in the retreat price:

  • Travel to and from Puerto Rico, you’ll fly into San Juan Airport (SJU)
  • Taxis to/from San Juan to Ferry port and pick up on Vieques side although we will assist in helping you in coordinating
  • Additional food and specialty drinks
  • Ayurvedic therapies, Chinese medicine, massages + other treatments
  • Any excursions beyond the scope of the retreat


There are no refunds or cancellations available for this trip. Travel insurance is highly advised in case you’re unable to attend the retreat due to unforeseen circumstances.

If we have to cancel the retreat due to an emergency all of your payments will be applied to our next retreat.

If Thérèse is unable to lead the retreat her experienced retreat team will take over.


This retreat is for Black women + women of color ages 18+. Specifically, this is for folks with a racialized lived experience. If you have any questions about this or are unclear please contact us before registering as there are no refunds.

We strive to create a culture of deep care and it’s important that the humanity of all is honored including fellow guests, retreat facilitators and staff. We share in detail the culture we’re creating above so please take time to read that.


This retreat is not suitable for individuals who are pregnant.

This retreat is not suitable for individuals who are in fragile health and/or need medical supervision.

This retreat is not suitable for individuals who’ve had suicidal ideation in the past year or are currently experiencing mental health concerns such as borderline personality disorder, psychosis, severe depression etc.

This retreat is not suitable for individuals who are currently suffering from substance dependencies. This retreat isn’t a substitute for addiction treatment programs.

This retreat is not suitable for individuals who aren’t interested in building community and reciprocity and desire to treat others as “the help” or only care about their needs.


That’s so exciting and we’re honored that you’re considering joining us! Beloveds who’ve attended come from all walks of life some have attended retreats and traveled extensively and for many others it’s their first time doing something like this.

Being part of any community can bring up a lot of feelings. In all my years of doing this work we’ve been blessed that our community members have all been respectful and loving to one another. We also have community agreements in place so that we can create a space for all of us to thrive. However, should challenges arise everyone is encouraged to approach it from a place of secure attachment and through the lens of compassion and deep care.

Our community of women and femmes are absolutely amazing and extremely supportive of one another and the friendships created extend beyond the days we’re on retreat.

If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to reach out!


Please email us with any questions at and we’ll be happy to answer them!